Lieberman Repeats Hamas Smear (Updated)

Posted in oh FFS, Opinion by yliza on May 12, 2008

h/t Talking Points Memo

We all knew Lieberman had abandoned the Democratic party, now he’s repeating bullshit GOP talking points. I like how he admits that Obama considers Hamas a terrorist organization but still floats the supposed Hamas endorsement as an issue of substance.

Lieberman and my senator (ugh) Lindsey Graham are clearly vying for positions in McCain’s cabinet. Bet they tout a McCain-Lieberman ticket as bipartisan. Wonder how many people will fall for that.

Bring on the debates. I remember Obama saying he would welcome a discussion about National Security with any Republican. I can just see McCain responding to the argument that we are less safe now than before 9/11 with “heh heh Hamas”.

Update: I predict McCain will choose Lieberman as his VP, specifically to promote the fiction of bipartisanship. If you disagree with me and I turn out to be right, donate $5 to Obama 🙂


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